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Pallet Wrapping Machines: MAS-500

Propak’s MAS-500 is equipped with a high-performance MOTORIZED PRE-STRETCH SYSTEM. The power pre-stretch is a special device which allows the best utilization of the stretch film quantity. It enables wrapping of light and unsteady pallets that couldn't be wrapped with different frictioning systems.

The stretch film is supplied in the right quantity by the rollers that are operated by a motor, which is controlled by an electronic system that measures the speed and keeps the film tension constant on the whole pallet's surface. The motorized pre-stretch system allows an efficiency of film up to 300%.


• Made in Italy.

• Operator friendly controls which are easy to use

• Automatic film cutting, grip and welding system

• Rope device to guarantee a better connection between pallet and load

• Power pre-stretch system 200% standard—can be up to 300%

• Remote control

• 10 program memory for total control when wrapping pallets with different requirements. Variables include turntable speed, carriage speed, Pre-stretch %, Force to Load %, number of wraps top, bottom and middle, wrapping halt for manual placement of top sheet.

• Variable Speed Turntable – during the wrap cycle the speed of the turntable can be varied – this allows control over the amount of film being applied to the pallet.

• Variable Speed Film Carriage – during the wrap cycle the speed of the film carriage moving up or down can be varied. This feature allows total control over the amount of film applied to the pallet.

• Wrapper has the ability to wrap standard and slip sheeted pallets.

• The final wrap tension is adjustable to prevent crushing of cartons when slip sheeting

• Operator LOCK OUT from machine settings area by password control.

• Height seeking by photo sensor for black & clear film

• Wrapping tension/turntable speed/ carriage speed adjustable and all other functions are either preset or set and retained by the wrappers’ PLC memory.

• Troubleshooting shown on screen

• Slow start and stop

• Choice of automatic/manual modes.

• Adjustable top, middle and bottom wrap counts

• Turntable always stops in the home position, after wrapping pallet.

• 1800mm diameter and 2000kg turntable standard.

• 2.6m wrapping height

• 240V 15 AMP power connection

• Minimum 5 BAR air supply

• The PROPAK MAS-500 is suitable for use with Macro Wrap ventilated stretch film and normal stretch film.

• OH&S features include foot crush safety protection under the film carriage. The 1800mm diameter turntable ensures that the standard 1165mm x 1165mm pallet is contained within the turntable. Film carriage lifting belts are contained within the mast ensuring operator safety.

• 3 Year Warranty

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