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Propak is a leading supplier of packaging to a wide range of industries including horticulturists.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

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Below is a selection of Propak videos and images which demonstrate packaging solutions and successes when using Propak Industries as your partner in packaging.  

Horticultural solutions - this video demonstrates the benefits of MACRO-WRAP when used in Horticulture applications. It will be of particular interest to growers and packers seeking to deliver their produce to destinations in the best possible condition. The video runs for just over 3 minutes.

Please ensure sound is enabled as this video has a narrative.

Video 1

Video 2

Propak 2300 fully automatic pallet wrapping line complete with optional Waterproofing Top Sheet system.

Pallets are wrapped using conventional film.

This line comprises 6 in-feed conveyors and 4 out-feed conveyors. This allows up to 11 pallets on the line with 4 pallets fully wrapped, 1 pallet being wrapped and 6 pallets to be wrapped.

During the wrapping process the cycle is interrupted to allow the automatic application of the top sheet. After the placement of the top sheet wrapping continues with the result being a waterproofed pallet from top to bottom.

This video shows 3 different pallet configurations being wrapped - Very Tall, Medium and short. The wrapper and top sheet system copes with the variable height without any operator intervention.

Video 3

Propak MAS-500 stand alone REMOTE CONTROLLED Automatic Pallet Wrapper.

Operator places the pallet on the turntable, operates the remote control and wrapping automatically commences.

This video shows a pallet being wrapped with MACRO-WRAP.

Conventional film can also be used on this wrapper.

Video 4

A collection of pictures of  the results of pallets being wrapped with MACRO-WRAP.

Video 5

MAS-50 wrapping pallets of Cardboard PRODUCE BINS containing Pumpkins are stacked 3 high and are wrapped with MACRO-WRAP. Loads packed this way have been proven with shipments made throughout Australia.

The Produce Bins are shipped without lids saving the Grower/Packer around $5.00 per bin.

Any Fruit or Vegetable normally shipped in Cardboard Produce Bins can be shipped this way. The MACRO-WRAP provides excellent load stability and allows the load to breath in transit.

Video 6

MAS-50 wrapping a Pallet of Produce Cartons containing Avocados with MACRO-WRAP P7 Plus Pre-stretched film. Produce cartons containing any fruit and vegetable can be pallet wrapped with Macro-Wrap and maintain good ventilation for storage and transport.

This video shows the ease of use of the entry level MAS-50 wrapper and the outstanding results achieved when pallets are wrapped with Macro-Wrap. The Pre-stretched film is clearly seen to have large rectangular holes across the web which allow the products in the cartons to breathe, after wrapping.

Optimum load stability is achieved due to the films ability to be stretched 40% during the wrapping cycle affording excellent tension on the pallet. The films reinforcements also contribute to the load stability achieved.     

Video 7

Propak MAS-350 wrapping a pallet of WAXED cartons containing Lemons.

This video demonstrates how the MAS-350 employs one of its programmable features which allow the wrap up and wrap down speeds to be varied. This feature helps minimise the amount of film used to wrap the pallet. The machine is wrapping with MACRO-WRAP which is stretched via the power stretch head incorporated in the wrapper.

Video 8

Propak MAS-500 wrapping a pallet of Citrus with Macro-Wrap Ventilated Stretch Film.

The MAS-500 has remote controlled start, provides automatic film attachment and cutting.

Video 9

Propak MAS-50 wrapping a pallet of Cucumbers with Macro-Wrap Ventilated Stretch Film.

The MAS-50 is Propak's entry level pallet wrapper designed for Australian requirements.

The MAS-50 and MACRO-Wrap have become a popular choice for the Australian Horticultural  Industry.   

Video 10

Propak MAS-350 wrapping a pallet of Mangos with Macro-Wrap Ventilated Stretch Film.

The video demonstrates some of the programmable functions of the MAS-350 and the models above.

This video shows the pallet being wrapped at a “normal speed” during the upwards cycle.

On reaching the top of the pallet a programmed number of wraps are applied to the top of the pallet.

After the top wraps have been applied the turntable speed of  the wrapper is slowed and the film carriage speed of descent is increased. This results in a minimal amount of film being applied during the downward cycle.

In short the MAS-350 can have saved programs to wrap different pallet requirements.

The variables include number of  Bottom Wraps (at start and at end), number of  Top Wraps, Turntable Speed up, Turntable speed down, Film carriage speed  up, and Film carriage speed down.  

The programmable features of the MAS-350 are also standard on MAS-500 and MAS-2300   

Video 11

Propak MAS-500 wrapping a pallet of Limes with Macro-Wrap Ventilated Stretch Film.

The MAS-500 has remote controlled start, provides automatic film attachment and cutting.

Video 12

Propak MAS-500 - demonstration of setting up (programming) the wrapper. Also shows how to alter the heater settings. The heater welds the rope together and has to be set to an effective temperature.

Video 13

BestPack ATFXU Fully Automatic Carton Taping Machine. Especially designed to Tape Half Slotted Cartons (HSC). A unique feature of this machine is that it will tape the top and bottom sections separately, so the lid can be removed without having to use a knife. Ideal for packing Citrus and other fruits and vegetables. Incorporates a shaker system which will level overfilled cartons.