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Pallet Stretch Wrap (film)

Pallet Stretch Wrap,  is a highly stretchable plastic film.

Typically used to wrap pallets of goods to keep them stable, pallet wrap can also help resist moisture, and when black stretch film is used, provides visual security of the pallet contents.

The elastic recovery of the film (memory) ensures the load stability.

Stretch Wrap is available in many thicknesses, primarily between 17 and 35 microns. The thinner 17 micron film is typically used for wrapping pallets of light product for internal consumption. 20 micron film is a popular choice for an medium weight pallet of products.  25 micron film, is most suitable for securing heavy items, or pallets which need to travel long distances.

Pallet Stretch Wrap is available in two types of film, Blown or Cast.

Cast film is quiet to apply, has high clarity making and is cheaper per metre when compared to Blown film. Cast film is adequate in most applications

Blown film is stronger and more puncture resistant film with a higher cling factor. It is very noisy to apply especially by machine.

Both stretch wraps are available in clear and black.

Hand wrap is 500mm wide and has a 50mm ID core. Machine Wrap is typically 500mm wide and is supplied with 75mm ID core. in stock.

Pre-stretched film is becoming increasingly popular and has the advantage of reducing final price per metre and for hand use takes much less effort to apply.

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