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MACRO WRAP Ventilated Stretch Wrap

Propak pioneered MACRO WRAP Ventilated stretch wrap into Australia early this century. The wrap is also known as Macro-perforated stretch wrap, Stretchable Netting, Holey wrap, and Breathable stretch wrap.

MACRO WRAP ventilated stretch wrap allows for pallets of goods to be wrapped while still hot and when the goods cool the outer packaging (e.g. the carton) is not affected through condensation.

MACRO WRAP ventilated stretch wrap also allows pallets of products to chill when placed in refrigeration as the cool air can circulate freely throughout  the pallet.

MACRO WRAP ventilated stretch wrap has an additional benefit of providing superior load stability over traditional stretch wrap. Our ventilated stretch wrap is accepted by the major distribution centres (like Coles and Woolworths).

Of late Propak MACRO WRAP ventilated stretch wrap has been adopted for use in the horticultural industry, where fresh produce is pallet wrapped with the film allowing the produce to breath on the pallet minimising spoilage of produce while being transported throughout Australia and overseas.

Propak MACRO WRAP ventilated stretch wrap is available for application by hand or machine.

The film is available pre-stretched (for hand application) or for use on a machine without a powered pre-stretch head.  

MACRO WRAP non pre-stretched machine film is designed to operate on wrappers which have power heads and can be stretched up to 300%.

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Growers  Wrapper  Fact sheet

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