Our Customers

Our customers mean the world to us. Propak Industries is a company that is built on honesty and integrity and we partner with customers that are built on these same foundations.

Packaging and pallet wrappers, Marco Wrap, customised audits and after-sale care are just a few of the products and personalised services we offer our range of customers from the Agricultural, Food and Beverage, Building and Logistics industries.

At Propak Industries, we are always coming up with new, environmentally friendly ideas and exploring innovative technology to support the needs of each of our partner industries. When our customers speak, we listen.

Partner Industries

Food & Beverage

We are grateful for the relationships we have built and all we have accomplished working alongside these remarkable industries. That being said, we are always interested in meeting new partners, no matter the industry. If you’re after innovative packaging solutions, we’re here for you.

We partner with Australia’s most trusted brands

Agricultural Industry

We honour our farmers, growers and horticulturist partners that work to provide us with their very best in fruit, veg, coffee and beyond.

We do our part to keep their hard worked and nurtured produce and crops secure, fresh and protected from mildew, gases and moisture by packaging them safely and securely for transport and export with our ventilated Macro Wrap, Netting, MAS range of Pallet Wrappers and more. Now more than ever our agricultural industries are looking for sustainable solutions to help keep our environment safe. We listen so we can give them exactly what they need to help ensure they meet the standards required by DC Stored as well as new initiatives like Redcycle and the 2025 Packaging Covenant.

Food & Beverage Industry

Propak supports our food and beverage partners from brewers to orchards by providing the machines, strapping accessories, tapes, wrapping and fully auto-packing and taping solutions to keep their fragile stock intact no matter where they’re transported.

In an industry that is constantly growing and adapting, we ensure they have support not just while they purchase our products, but when they’re going through supply changes and need to adapt quickly. Our ideas and innovation support their growth and change.

Building Industry

It’s not just the agriculture, food and beverage industries that we support. Where there are products and materials to be packaged, Propak is there.

Our building industry partners are familiar with our packaging audits and consultations as well as our MAS range of Pallet Wrapping machines and other heavy-duty strapping machinery used to support materials and supplies being shipped throughout Australia.

Logistics Industry

Our fully automated, innovative solutions offer our logistics partners exactly what they need when it comes to getting supplies and products to and from distribution centres all around the country quickly and with minimal fuss.

We help our partners avoid load instability, downtime expenses, inconvenience and cargo damage caused by unsecured loads by offering strong and sustainable products like our resilient Stretch Film and our MAS pallet wrapping machines.

Our partners manage their transport deliveries in a way that helps keep packages secure, stabilised and safe.

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