Our Story

Propak Industries is a grassroots, family-owned sustainable packaging solutions company that came to life in 1990 when a passionate, innovative and determined young man named Garry Sandercock had a vision.

Our Story

Garry began simply. He made his way around Adelaide, Euston, Mildura, Robinvale and much of Sunraysia as a whole, meeting with local growers, farmers and businesses. As he supplied them with small packaging products like tape, cardboard and janitorial and catering supplies, Garry got to know them all. They taught him about the work that they do and shared their packaging frustrations and requirements with Garry as they spent late nights together working in their packing sheds to get their produce off to market. 

These growers and farmers needed ways to reduce the time and money they spent on manual packing and double-handling. As they all worked together to find solutions to these problems, they became a part of the Propak family. Over time our packaging range and services grew, along with Garry’s knowledge and outstanding reputation within the horticultural and packaging industries across Australia. It is through determination, hard work, listening to our customers and observing them on the ground, that makes Propak Industries the passionate and proven company that it is today.

Beyond our product sales and services, we offer packaging audits, consultations and advice to ensure our customers are equipped with the knowledge they need to contribute to a prosperous future. While we are proud of the company that we’ve built and the ways in which we’ve grown over the years, one thing remains the same. We will always go the extra mile for our customers.

Who we are

Propak Industries is a successful and trusted fully operational packaging solutions company that delivers environmentally responsible, world-class solutions to growers, packers and distribution centres around Australia. 

We search the globe to discover and create innovative and technically superior products that include our environmentally friendly Bio-Fill “peanuts” as well as our innovative Macro Wrap, the only true Ventilated Stretch Film that has been approved by major chain store distribution centres.

Propak’s beginnings may be grassroots, but it is through founder Garry Sandercock’s endless supply of personalised care and innovation, along with the knowledge gained from the farmers, growers and businesses he met in those early days, that truly helped Propak become the leading supplier of packaging and machinery solutions that we are today. 

Under Propak’s guidance, commitment to sustainability and continued growth, our customers consistently feel supported, save money and best of all, are able to do their part to help the environment.

We partner with Australia’s most trusted brands

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. 

Propak Industries is dedicated to the continued development of sustainable packaging solutions that allow us to ‘close the loop’. We do this by reducing and reusing product plastics and wrap and utilising Bio-Fill as well as other recyclable materials to help our customers both economically and environmentally.

Beyond our mission of sustainability, our commitment is to our customers. We are known for our after-sale care and the genuine relationships we form long after a purchase is made. The customer always comes first.

We operate with simple, honest and personalised service. To this day, Garry can often be found in the field, meeting customers face to face to better understand their needs and challenges. Our business is always growing and evolving to better serve the needs of the community around us.

Our Values


You can’t grow if we don’t listen. We recognise the importance of truly hearing what our customers have to say. By getting to know the needs of our community, we are able to provide our customers with top-notch and personalised products and services.


Propak is a leader in the field of sustainable packaging solutions and machinery. We remain ahead of the curve by continuously developing innovative ideas and learning about new products and state-of-the-art technology.


We take our job seriously. We have 30 plus years of experience and expertise behind us and the quality of the work that we do is unsurpassed. Our superior products and customer service are backed up by our passionate and loyal community of industry professionals.

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