Your one stop strap shop! We carry a wide range of:


  • Automatic Tools
  • Buckles
  • Seals
  • Semi Auto Machines to fully Automatic Strapping Lines including Corner Board application
  • Machine and Hand –
    • Steel,
    • Polypropylene
    • Polyester
    • Heavy Band
    • Smooth
    • Embossed
  • Tensioner

How to choose the right strapping for your product

  • What is the application and how do you intend using it?
  • What is the weight, and is it a light or heavy load?
  • Will the strapped items have to withstand any particular weather conditions?
  • Do you prefer to apply strapping manually with tools or will it be done automatically with a machine?
  • Are the items being transported, if so how far is it going and will long will it be strapped for?
  • Are the items delicate or crushable?
  • Are the items food products?

We carry the most common roll sizes, thickness and colours

12mm / 15mm / 19mm

1000m / 2500m / 3000m

Black / Blue / Clear / White / Green

Here is a quick summary of the main types available

Polypropylene Strapping

PP or polypropylene strapping is very light and versatile, making it ideal for sealing, reinforcing and securing lighter loads. With elastic properties, it does not deform or corrode and resists bumps and scrapes making it ideal for use on pallets that will be stored for long periods of time or shipped long distances. Fully recyclable for sustainable packaging!

It offers a resistance of up to 250kg and its light. It can be sealed with self-locking plastic buckles and security seals.

Propak tip! If you are using a manual, automatic or semi-automatic strapping machine, only polypropylene machine strapping can be used. It’s cost effective and easy to use with very minimal strap dust.


Propak Industries Machine Strapping is our best seller, renowned for its high performance, simplicity, reliability in fast paced environments with low maintenance and trouble free operation in use with fully automated machines. Have a look at this strapping used on a fully auto packing line.

Polyester Strapping

Commonly known as PET or Extruded Polyester Strapping, is the strongest type of plastic strapping available, making it ideal for fixing heavier loads and pallets. Because it’s made from polyester it can be secured very tightly, with a small flex in the material that can be tightened when sealing. It has strong resistance to moisture and UV rays which make it ideal for long-term storage where high strength is required for long periods of time. It offers a resistance of up to 340kg and can be used to replace steel strapping in many situations.

Propak Tip! Highly shock absorbent and with the round smooth edges, this strapping reduces safety risks.

Steel Strapping

Among the strongest strapping available, steel strapping is tough and perfect for heavy, rigid loads with sharp or rough edges like iron, bricks or concrete that won’t compress. The properties of steel strapping mean that it won’t flex like other materials can do – this is why it’s ideal for solid, bulky loads. This super-resistant strapping is ideal for very heavy loads of up to 740kg can be sealed securely with or without seals. This industrial strapping can only be used with steel strapping tensioners, sealers and combination tools

Propak tip! Recommended that the person packing wear industrial gloves for protection.

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