The tape options are endless, varying sizes, thickness, colours, grade materials and adhesives from general purpose to custom printed tape. Propak Industries offer major brands and our own premium quality hand and machine Rohm and Hass adhesive tapes. At the end of the day, it’s all about the stick and the success!

Hand Packaging Tape
Acrylic – Hot Melt Rubber

Machine Tape
Acrylic – Hot Melt Rubber

Various Tape
Cloth – Duct – Electrical – Gaffer – Filament – Foil – Fragile – Top Load – Cloth – Filament – Masking

  • Custom Printed Tape
  • Strapping Tape
  • Glue + Guns
  • Dispensers

Check out our Taping and Carton Erecting Machines to complement our tape under machinery



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