Propak Industries forte is definitely in its Film. We have years of experience specialising in cast stretch, pre-stretch, blown, ventilated and enviro wrap, all available in hand or machine.


How to choose the right film

We can help to recommend the right film for the protection you deserve based on these simple steps

1 - Identifying the load size

  • Easy and uniform in shape mostly square
  • Medium to heavy in weight with uneven shape
  • Cartons or Crates requiring ventilation
  • Variations in pallet load stability with mixed size, shape and sharpness

2 - What application

  • Hand applicators
  • Semi auto pallet wrapper
  • Fully auto pallet wrapper
  • What is the stretch percentage?

3 - Film Desirables

  • protection product/cargo
  • maximum stretch
  • value output
  • load retention
  • sustainability
  • visual appearance
  • special features

4 - Film Undesirables

  • overuse
  • damage
  • reputation
  • environmental impact
  • safety risks

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