Machinery & Automation

Propak Industries have years of experience with Pallet Wrapping Machines, but through this time engaging with industries, have experienced the need to develop robust machines that are built to last and withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

In the most recent times, the need for automation has increased significantly, due to labour shortages and increasing productivity. Click here to see the latest article from Fresh Plaza on the need for automation.

We specialise in Pallet Wrapping solutions, fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines for a modern and simple packing process. Refer to our section on Pallet Wrapping machines to fill in a questionnaire so we can assist you with the best machine.


Propak recognises the need for easy, fuss free, reliable and efficient machinery to cope with busy packsheds and factories that seldom relied on manual labour.

Through the search for innovation and simplicity, Propak Industries have partnered with Bestpack and have exclusive distributorship for Australia.

The solutions are endless from fully automatic carton erecting and taping conveyor lines to more simple but efficient top and bottom random box size carton tapers.

Have a look at the main machines used throughout Australia that are working hard and reliable for years to come. Or visit BestPack to see the latest in automation to boost consistency, productivity and cost savings.


Propak Industries MAS2300 fully auto packaging line with auto top sheet applicator, using stretch cast film.

Simple, fast, low maintenance and fully auto solution!


Click here to discover how automation can be your effortless packing solution. Explore the options and get in touch with Propak Industries and we will get you up and running with full installation and training, plus 24/7 back up support.

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