Fully-automatic wrapping machine with rotating turntable, purpose-built and designed for Australian conditions to maximise load retention and safety.

Propak Industries MAS500 with remote control access, heat sealing, auto film cutting and weld seal, making wrapping pallets simple, fast and accurate reducing worker risks and maximising time efficiencies. When you are looking for quality, precision and reliability, this is the wrapper that will stand strong for years to come!

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  • Most efficient stretch and tensioning system for the reduction of film costs and waste generated to the receiver
  • Special feature function with roping the film down around the whole pallet to your own wrapping requirements
  • Fully automatic remote control automation
  • Fully programmable to suit your produce palletising
  • Laser beam sensor for correct pallet height detection every time
  • 2.6m height mast to be able to wrap different pallet heights
  • Lockable programs for every pallet to be wrapped using the same amount of film every time – massive reductions!
  • 3-year warranty + extendable warranty available
  • Spare parts kit available
  • WHS Australian standards compliance
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick connect to parts used for fast maintenance and minimal down time
  • Same day or 24 hour call support for breakdowns
  • Commitment to preventative breakdown machine service schedules



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