Semi-automatic wrapping machine with rotating turntable, purpose-built and designed for Australian conditions to maximise load retention and safety.

Propak Industries MAS350 with powered pre-stretch coupled with our ventilated stretch (Macro Wrap) or conventional stretch wrap will use less film by simple but effective touch screen control, allowing customised and lockable pre-set pallet programs. You control the tension and stretch levels for different areas of the pallet and allows specialised wrapping patterns and unique pallet loads. Hard-wearing and affordable providing reliable results every time!

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  • Propak’s stretch and tensioning system for maximum load stability with minimising waste costs
  • Easy to use and operate. fully programmable to suit produce palletising
  • Laser beam sensor providing correct height for all types of boxes and crates including black
  • 2.6m height mast allowing for different pallet heights to maximise your freight costs
  • Lockable program ensuring every your pallet is secure with load stability every time
  • 3-year warranty + extended warranty available
  • 24/7 after-sales service and technical support
  • Spare parts kit + maintenance agreements
  • WHS Australian standards compliance
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick connect to parts used for fast maintenance and minimal down time
  • Same day or 24 hour call support for breakdowns
  • Commitment to preventative breakdown machine service schedules



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