Our Promise

Propak Industries aims to provide our customers with only the most personalised, genuine and innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

Our superior products work to support our environmental focus and every decision we make is backed up by our passion and care for both our customers and the environment.
We will always listen. We will always continue to learn. And we will always put our customers first.

Closing the loop

Part of our mission as a company is to do our part to ‘close the loop’. Closing the loop is a recycling method that allows us to recycle and reuse materials that can go right back into more of the same or similar products, eliminating excess waste.

Research & Listening

By getting to know the needs of our community and researching the latest technology, we are able to provide our customers with top-notch and personalised products and services.

Development & Innovation

We are always exploring the market and working on new ways to try and develop the very best in sustainable packaging and innovative technology to better serve the needs of our customers.

Independent Proof

Our high standards allow us to create sustainable products, packaging machinery and solutions. The fact that our customers return time and again is all the proof we need to know that our work makes a difference.


We have 30 plus years of experience and expertise behind us and the quality of the work that we do is unsurpassed. Our superior products and customer service are backed up by our passionate and loyal community of industry professionals.


Our customers know and appreciate our effort to ‘close the loop’. Acceptability goes a long way in ensuring we are moving in the right direction, toward consistent growth, innovation and a brighter future.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is the loop we strive for. Our products are developed so they can better be recycled and reused to build more of the same products or new products within Propak, allowing us to eliminate excess waste.


Bio-Fill is our environmentally friendly version of packing ‘peanuts’. Made from corn and potato starch in our South Australia production plant, our Bio-Fill is cleaner and greener, acting as a natural shock absorber and void filler so products aren’t damaged in transit.

An excellent alternative to plastic Air-Pillows or styrofoam packing ‘peanuts’, Bio-Fill will help keep both your products and the environment better protected.

Made with natural corn and potato starch and 100% care in South Australia

  • CONFORMS WITH STANDARDS EN-13423>AS4736.2006>AS5810.2010

Did you know that you can add Bio-Fill to your garden soil? It’s also great for earthworms in compost and for chooks!

We care about the environment

Propak is continually working toward a circular economy of reusing, recycling and eliminating waste. We do our part to accomplish this through our sustainable ideology and innovative packaging solutions.

It all starts with our customers. As we explore their needs we are able to create products and services that serve their business and future while continuously keeping us accountable.

We know there is always room to improve. That’s why we never stop learning and asking questions. Through ideas, innovation and a desire to help keep our planet healthy, we are doing our best to offer sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions.

We care about the environment.

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